• About Vokkaligara Sangha

    The V S Dental College & Hospital VSDC&H) was established in the year 1986 which was affiliated to Bangalore University.

    The Institution started its first batch with 52 students and the current intake for BDS is 100. The Institution is presently affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore , Karnataka. The MDS courses started in the year 2001-02 with the present intake of 38 seats.

    PG Diploma courses and certificate courses in the subject of Esthetic Dentistry and Implantology in the year 2009-10 .

    About Vokkaligara Sangha Dental College & Hospital Bengaluru

    The inception of V.S. Dental College took place in July 1986 with the motto of Knowledge and Development in the area of Dentistry with the following Vision and Mission.


    "To be one among the Nation's premier Institutions by imbibing excellence in oral health education, research and innovative health care practices."


    To develop excellent dental professionals through quality dental education.

    To promote innovative teaching practices.

    To prepare dental students to enter into efficient dental practice, advanced dental education & community services.

    Develop dentists with profound integrity and ethical character to every endeavour.

    Focal point of comprehensive oral health care.

    Promote oral health and scientific research.

    Support and develop advanced and technological innovations in dentistry.

    Promote oral health outreach programmes to underserved rural and urban population of the society & to achieve extraordinary global    reach for health care through quality education to national and international dental students.

    To make a difference in the community by transforming education through green dentistry.

    Vokkaligara Sangha Dental College & Hospital is located in the heart of the city close to Central Railway and Bus Station. Occupying nearly 1,20,000 sq.ft. V.S. Dental College was affiliated to Bangalore University and now is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore , Karnataka. The College got its recognition from D.C.I. in the year 1992. Dental Council of India has permitted Post Graduate Studies in the year 2001 in all the specialties Dentistry. The Institution offers research programmes (PhD) in the subject of Department of Prosthodontics & Crown and Bridge, Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, Department of Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Department Of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, certificate courses in Esthetic dentistry and Implantology. Today V.S. Dental College and Hospital is one of the most sought after institutions in India both for undergraduate and postgraduate admissions.

    Clinics and laboratories are well equipped with state of the art equipment. Training in medical subjects is imparted at KIMS Campus, with good inflow of patients (300 - 500 patients) , excellent clinical training is rendered to students Banashankari.

  • Chairman's Message

    Mr.Sri.V.E. Ramachandra

    As the Chairman, Governing Council, V.S Dental College & Hospital, I have great pleasure in giving an insight into this institution. V.S.Dental College & Hospital managed by the Vokkaligara Sangha, established in the year 1986 has successfully completed 25 years. To begin with the dental college started with Undergraduate courses (BDS) and in the year 2001-02 Postgraduate courses (MDS) were introduced.

    The Management has left no stone unturned for the upliftment of the institution by the way of providing excellent infrastructure and ultra modern equipments which are second to none, and also has ensured the maintenance of excellent quality of education. What was initially conceived to impart education to the agricultural community today we have achieved a feat by training international students also.

    Members of the teaching staff are highly qualified and dedicated who are ever willing to serve the institution. Since the hospital is located in a prime location and with an attached Medical College (Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences) the patient inflow is very high. Dental health services are also rendered at the rural centers through the Community Department with a fully equipped mobile dental unit.

    Vokkaligara Sangha is indeed very proud and privileged to have its graduates settled all over the globe and who are successful in their profession.

    My best wishes to all the students who pursue the Undergraduate and Post-graduate course in our institution.

    Sri. V.E. Ramachandra

    Chairman, V S Dental College & Hospital Bengaluru.

  • Principal 's Message

    Smt. H.L. Usha

    On behalf of the Management, Faculty, Staff and Students of V.S.Dental College & Hospital, I take this opportunity to welcome you to our prestigious institution to pursue Undergraduate and Post-Graduate/P.G.Diploma courses. This website gives you an insight into one of the best infrastructures, fully equipped departments, faculty/staff, academic programmes and admission procedures.

    V.S.Dental College & Hospital was started in the year 1986 and has its own multispeciality hospital providing dental health care and community dental services. The institute is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, Bangalore and recognized by Dental Council of India for imparting training in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree/Diploma courses in various dental specialities.

    The Annual Intake for BDS course is 100 and PG Degree/Diploma in various specialities is 46. The college has been successfully offering post graduate courses since 2001-02 in all the nine dental specialities and also offers research programmes (PhD) in the subject of Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics and Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics; certificate courses in Esthetic dentistry and Implantology.

    Our faculty comprises of well experienced, talented, renowned and successful teachers and some of them are icons in their respective field who have been imparting up- to-date knowledge and training in good diagnosis and therapeutic facilities, research and academic activities.

    The hospital provides a very good infrastructure and complete dental health care which is situated in the heart of the city and can be easily accessed by one and all.

    Students of our institution are well trained not only in academics but also due priority has been given to co-curricular activities. Some of our students have achieved higher levels in various fields at national and international level which has brought laurels to this institution.

    Dr. H L Usha
    Principal, V S Dental College & Hospital Bengaluru.

  • Office Bearers:-

    Executive Committee Members

    Sl.No Name of the Members Name of the Post
    1 Dr.Appaji Gowda President
    2 Sri.B.P.Manjegowda Working President
    3. Sri.A.Devegowda Vice-President
    4. Dr.B.Shivalingaiah Vice-President 
    5. Prof.M.Nagaraj General Secretary
    6. Sri.C.N.Shashikiran Asst.Secretary
    7. Sri.D.N.Bettegowda Treasurer
    8. Sri.D.V.Ramesh Internal Auditor
    9. Sri.Prasad.A Legal Advisor
    10.  Sri.M.A.Anand Legal Advisor
    11. Sri.C.Manjunath Director
    12. Sri.H.C.Jayamuttu Director
    13. Sri.K.Krishnamurthy Director
    14. Sri.H.V.Ashwath Director
    15. Sri.Jalahalli A.Ravi Director
    16. Sri.Achegowda Shivanna Director
    17. Prof.K.Mallaiah Director
    18. Dr.R.Nisarga Director
    19. Sri.D.C.K.Kalegowda Director
    20. Sri.B.Munegowda Director
    21. Sri.N.Prasanna Director
    22. Dr.K.Mahadev Director
    23. Sri.P.Venkatesh Director
    24. Dr.B.C.Bommaiah Director
    25. Sri.H.M.Narayanamurthy Director
    26. Sri.C.N.Balakrishna,MLA Director
    27. Sri.J.M.Ramachandra Director
    28. Sri.G.L.NarendraBabu Director
    29. Dr.Manohara T.M Director
    30. Sri.V.E.Ramachandra Director
    31. Sri.N.Ramesh Director
    32. Sri.M.L.Satish  Director
    33. Dr.Renukaprasad K.V  Director 
    34.  Sri.H.K.Shekar  Director 
    35.  Sri.Byaravalli J.Nagaraj Director 

    List Of Governing Council Members

    Sl.No Name of The Members Name of the Post
    1 Sri.G.L.Narendra Babu Chairman
    2 Sri.Ulluru Manjunath Member
    3. Sri.K.Krishnamurthy Member
    4. Sri.M.A.Anand Member
    5. Sri.Jalahalli A.Ravi Member
    6. Dr.Nisarga Member
    7. Sri.D.C.K.Kalegowda Member
    8. Sri.N.Prasanna Member
    9. Dr.B.C.Bommaiah Member
    10. Sri.B.P.Manjegowda Member
    11. Sri.N.Ramesh Member
    12. Dr.Manohar.T.M Member
    13. Sri.H.K.Shekar Member
    14. Sri.C.N.Balakrishna Member
    15. Govt.Nominee Member
    16. University Nominee Member
    17. College Nominees(2) Member
    18. Dr. Manjunath M. Principal, V.S.Dental College Convenor

    List Of Ministrial Staff Members

    Sl.No Name of the Employee Designation
          FROM TO    
    1. Nethramma.K N.Suptd. 07.03.1989 TILL DATE 25 YEARS  
    2. Chandrakala Devi.P.A. Staff Nurse 10.03.1989 TILL DATE 25 YEARS  
    3. Vanaja.P.C. Staff Nurse 2/5/1992 TILL DATE 22 years  
    4. Chandravathi.P.B. Staff Nurse 6/10/1993 TILL DATE 21 Years  
    5. Devamma.B. Staff Nurse 7/3/1996 TILL DATE 18 years  
    6. Varalakshmi.R. Staff Nurse 15-07-2002 TILL DATE 13 YEARS 28-02-2002
    7. Pankaja.V.K. Staff Nurse 31-08-2003 TILL DATE 12 Years  
    8. Asha Staff Nurse 24-07-2007 TILL DATE 07 years 9/7/2007
    9. Yashodha.H.B. Staff Nurse 24-07-2007 TILL DATE 07 years 9/7/2007
    10. Pushpalatha.G Staff Nurse 24-07-2007 TILL DATE 07 years 10/7/2007
    11. Soujanya.B.C. Staff Nurse 1/9/2009 TILL DATE 05 YEARS  
    12. Manjula.Y Staff Nurse 2/2/2010 TILL DATE 04 years  
    13. Soumya.B Staff Nurse 2/2/2010 TILL DATE 04 years  
    14. Manjamma.S.C. Staff Nurse 2/2/2010 TILL DATE 04 years  
    15. Parvathamma.D.S. Staff Nurse 11/2/2010 TILL DATE 04 years  
    16. Manjula.M Staff Nurse 11/2/2010 TILL DATE 04 years  
    17. Babitha.H.B. Staff Nurse 23-06-2012 TILL DATE 02 years  
    18. Manjula.G.S. Staff Nurse 4/7/2012 TILL DATE 02 years  
    19. Bhagyamma.M Staff Nurse 25.06.2012 TILL DATE 02 years  
    17. Champa.V D.Hygienist 22.03.1989 TILL DATE 25 YEARS  
    18. Girijamba.G.R. D.Hygienist 11.12.1989 TILL DATE 25 YEARS  
    19. Florence.S.Latha D.Hygienist 01.10.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    20. Indramma D.Hygienist 07.10.2000 TILL DATE 14 YEARS  
    21. Narayana.T Sr. X- ray T 22.03.1989 TILL DATE 25 YEARS  
    22. Kempaiah.D Radiographer 12/3/2004 TILL DATE 10 years  
    23. Gopalakrishna.H.S. Instru. Tech., 22.03.1989 TILL DATE 25 YEARS  
    24. Shashidhara.S Insru. Tech., 06.12.2000 TILL DATE 14 YEARS  
    25. Narasimharaju Sr.lab. Tech. 11.09.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    26. Mallesh.K Sr.lab. Tech. 09.09.2008 TILL DATE 06 YEARS  
    27. Govindaraju.H.G. D. Mechnic 20.03.1989 TILL DATE 25 YEARS  
    28. Vasudev.B.M. D. Mechnic 05.02.1999 TILL DATE 15 YEARS  
    29. Devaraj.G D. Mechnic 06.02.1999 TILL DATE 15 YEARS  
    30. Basavaraj. J.Hallikeri D. Mechnic 08.12.2000 TILL DATE 14 YEARS  
    31. Venkatesh.T.M. D. Mechnic 16.02.2001 TILL DATE 13 YEARS  
    32. Vikram Gowda.K.C. D. Mechnic 06.05.2009 TILL DATE 05 YEARS  
    33. Devendrappa.S.M. SUPERINTENDENT 10/8/2011 TILL DATE 03 YEARS  
    34. Dyava Reddy.M FDC 12.09.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    35. Ramesh.C FDC 13.09.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    37. Harish.S. FDC 4/7/2001 TILL DATE 13 YEARS  
    38. Madhusudhana.S.V. Store Super 13.04.2004 TILL DATE 10 years  
    39. Narayana.C. SDC 11.12.1990 TILL DATE 23 years  
    40. Dharmaprasad SDC 11.12.1990 TILL DATE 23 years  
    41. Sridhara.A.L. SDC 03.06.2004 TILL DATE 10 years  
    42. Girishchandra.S. Clerk cum com.opt. 31.05.2004 TILL DATE 10 years  
    43. Chikkalingaiah.B. Telephone operator 10.12.1990 TILL DATE 23 years  
    44. Rekhamani.N Com., Opert. 13.07.2009 TILL DATE 05 YEARS  
    45. Vinay.M Com., Opert. 24.07.2009 TILL DATE 05 YEARS  
    46. Saroja.T Sr. Steno 13.11.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    47. Gopala.H.T. Sr.Steno 12.09.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    48. Suresh Kumar Asst. Librarian 18.04.1998 TILL DATE 16 years  
    49. Guruswamy.G.N. Asst. Librarian 20.04.1998 TILL DATE 16 years  
    50. Nagaraju.B.H. Sr.Driver 24.01.1992 TILL DATE 22 years  
    51. Anil.G DRIVER 21.05.2010 TILL DATE 04 years  
    52. Jayaramu Lift Operator 14.11.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    53. Kumaraswamy.H.R. Lift Operator 16.01.2004 TILL DATE 10 years  
    54. Vijayakumar.M.P. Sr. Attender 04.05.1998 TILL DATE 16 years  
    55. Puttalakshmi.T.R Attender 05.08.1998 TILL DATE 16 years  
    56. Parvathamma.B.T. Attender 16.01.2004 TILL DATE 10 years  
    57. Pushpalatha.M Attender 17.01.2004 TILL DATE 10 years  
    58. Puttaswamy.A.B. Attender 04.05.2004 TILL DATE 10 years  
    59. Venkataswamy.M Attender 08.11.1990 TILL DATE 24 Years  
    60. Lakashmana.H.C. Attender 27.07.2009 TILL DATE 05 Years  
    61. Chandramma.N Sr. Ayah 27.06.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    62. Lakshmi.R Sr. Ayah 13.09.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    63. Nagamma Sr. Ayah 05.09.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    64. Sumitra Sr. Ayah 23.04.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    65. Mahadevaiah.C.K. Sr. Ayah 13.09.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    66. Shivalingamma Sr. Ayah 02.06.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    67. Mamatha.A.N. Ayah 17.08.1994 TILL DATE 20 YEARS  
    68. Dhakshayani.K Ayah 18.10.1995 TILL DATE 19 YEARS  
    69. Honnamma Ayah 09.05.1990 TILL DATE 24 YEARS  
    70. Prasanna.K.C. Ward boy 20.03.1997 TILL DATE 17 YEARS  
    71. Gopalakrishna.N Scavenger 22.01.1994 TILL DATE 20 YEARS