Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology

It is one of the specialty of dentistry where the students are taught in a systematic way to approach the patient's problems, thereby they should be able to diagnose dental caries and its complications , muscosal diseases including local and systematic causes, bone and joint disorders and systemic diseases manifesting in the oral cavity.

The students should be able to treat orofacial pain, mucosal lesions, temporamandibular disorders and salivary gland diseases.

Students are taught radiology where they gain knowledge about the basics of radiation, its uses, hazards and protection. Students are also made to understand about the advanced imaging modalities like ultrasound, computed tomography(CT), magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET-Scan) so that they are able to write appropriate investigations and also interpret the results.

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Our department is staffed with qualified professionals :

SI no Name Designation
1 Dr.Manjunath.M professor& HOD
2 Dr.Deepak.T.A. Professor
3 Dr.Sowmya Krishna Professor
4 Dr.Annaji.A.G. Professor
5 Dr. Sailaja Choudary Reader
6 Dr.Abhinethra.M.S Reader
7 Dr. Upasana.L Reader
8 Dr. Dilip Kumar. K.H Lecturer
9 Dr. Vaibhav L.R Lecturer